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Since 2005, Allison has served God in Eastern Europe with Evangelists Michael and Jan Gott. Allison will tell you a very interesting God thing! When she answered God’s call into full-time ministry as a young teenager, she sensed His calling into missions. (Actually, at that time missions was about the only ministry open to women!) She also felt strongly that her ministry would involve her love of music. Subsequently Allison fell in love with Connie Ware, a full-time music evangelist, and served Christ in the field of music evangelism for 26 years. Despite her life being turned upside down by Connie’s untimely death in 2000 from cancer, Allison knew in her heart that God’s call on her life for ministry was not over. As she searched for her special place in God’s Kingdom work, she began to work in the evangelistic missions ministry of Michael and Jan Gott. One day, after committing to serve with them full-time, Allison realized that she had come full circle – to her original call to missions!

International missions

The very effective tool in these international ministries is English Language Evangelism Events – helping young adults improve their conversational English. The language of the world is English…and the young adults of the world know that to improve their position in life they must have a command of English. So we offer them what they want – English – in order to gain their trust and earn the right to offer them what they really need – Jesus Christ! Learning EnglishHundreds of university students and young professionals are coming to Christ, being drawn by the light, life, and hope that can be found only in Him!

Allison is amazed and overwhelmed at God’s goodness – to save this most important ministry of her life for this time in her life! Her own very special promise from God is –

“The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life
more than the first…..” Job 42:12

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- Allison is also available for a variety of ministries stateside –

• Your church, missions group, or other small group will be blessed by Allison’s inspiring talk. Accompanied by a power point presentation and other visuals, she will share stories of lives changed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

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• Allison will encourage and uplift your women’s group in a retreat setting, conference, luncheon, or banquet as she shares in word and song her story and how the Lord has been more than enough in every phase of her life!

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• Your congregation will be warmed and drawn closer to the Lord by Allison’s concert ministry. God has put a song in her heart, on her lips – and in her fingers as she accompanies herself at the piano! Allison’s joy, as well, is to give verbal testimony about the overflow of God’s strong work in her heart and life.
Concert ministry

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• Does your church occasionally need a “fill-in” at the piano or to lead praise and worship on a Sunday? Allison’s gifting makes her an excellent fit for either of these needs. One of her strong desires and joys is to guide God’s people into His presence as she leads worship from the piano.

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“Be and do and tell the Gospel – in that order.”

Ed Stetzer

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